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Extend Care 1800mg

For Severely Ill Dogs

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Product Details

  • Bacon and Natural Flavourings Pet Oral Drops 30mL

  • Natural cannabimimetic and hemp terpene blend oil

  • 1800mg per bottle

  • Intended for those on a previous Furbabies protocol

  • Controlled dosing with gradient droppers

  • Ingredients: MCT oil, proprietary cannabimimetic and hemp terpenes blend, natural flavour (if applicable) with no meat/meat by-products


  • Promotes homeostasis

  • May help with cancer and slow the growth of tumors/cells

  • May alleviate side effects associated with chemotherapy

  • Can help with appetite and digestive issues

  • Antiemetic and may reduce or stop nausea 

  • Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain 

  • Can reduce stress and pain while promoting relaxation

  • Beneficial for skin & coat issues

  • Reduces anxiety & improves mood


This formula is intended for those dogs already on a previous Furbabies Protocol. 

Contact us to place your order.

While there have been many studies on cannabimimetics helping animals with severe illnesses, we do not claim this product will cure.  We feel it may help give the most precious gift, the gift of time. 

  • Start with the same level as you were previously administering

  • If needed, raise the level by adding to the dropper the same amount of your previous bottle

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