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Sleepiness is the most prominent occurrence. This stems from the animal finally being pain/anxiety-free and needing to catch up on some much-needed rest.  


Wooziness and being off-balance can also occur. This, we have been told by vets, stems from the animal being pain-free and not being sure why. They seem to be afraid to move about in case the pain returns. As the oil causes pain relief, the animal feels "off" as there is no longer that lingering pain.  Another reason that starting low and raising slowly is important.


Diarrhea can sometimes occur.  This could be due to the richness of the MTC coconut oil or too many treats. Lower the dosage for a day, until the stool returns to normal, and resume the regular dosage.


Fifteen out of over a thousand dogs have experienced a reaction to the drops. It appears to be the MCT oil (also known as fractionated coconut oil), which we use as a carrier oil. The MCT looks to have caused an allergic reaction in the form of hyper activeness, diarrhea, and/or vomiting. We moved some of these dogs to drops based with hemp seed oil as the carrier oil, and they were fine. As each body will produce its own cannabinoids, we feel it is extremely unlikely an animal will be allergic to the actual proprietary cannabimimetic hemp terpene blend. 

All of our products are made with natutal ingredients.  You can not "overdose" your pet and the key is to play with the levels to find the level that works best for your fur baby.  No one knows them, or loves them, as much as you do, and you'll know when you have reached the optimum level, or "sweet spot".  Every aniimal will react differently, as their own endocannabinoid system plays an effect in their daily lives. Often, the smallest amount will work and this is why we are big believers in starting low and going slow. 

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