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Our Tinctures are extracted in house by using only the highest quality full fruiting mushroom body only. We extract using our proprietary method that removes the medicinal properties from the plant matter without using any alcohol. Research has shown mushrooms interact in the body better when combined with a fat, we extract all our tinctures into MCT C8 oil.


All our mushrooms are full fruiting body only with no mycelium or fillers!

TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOMS (Trametes Versicolor). 

RESTORE Immunity boost, gut health

Turkey Tail Mushroom (Coriolus versicolor)  Benefits 

Tail Mushroom boasts many health-boosting benefits. Turkey Tail contains biological compounds that support immune function, such as polysaccharopeptide, polysaccharopeptide K, and Coriolus versicolor glucan. It is rich in polysaccharides, a type of fibre that helps support digestion, and helps support the colon, is loaded with antioxidants, and may have apoptogenic properties, which help the body with stress.


  • Fortifies immune function

  • Rich in polysaccharides (dietary fibre)

  • Helps aid digestion

  • Supports the colon

  • Loaded with antioxidants

  • May help protect against stress

  • Supports overall health & wellness

Research in canines (dogs) have shown that the polysaccharides in Turkey Tail extended survival time in dogs with hemangiosarcoma without additional treatment. Turkey Tail has been used in ancient eastern medicine for millennia, for both human and animals, livestock and domestic.  

  • It is rich in beta-glucan which are known to help activate immune cells and increase antibody production (to be better help fight off infections) 

  • There is an active ingredient in. Turkey Tail Mushrooms Polysaccharide-K (PSK) that has been used to treat cancer in humans in Japan since it was approved in the 1970’s to great effect.

  • Brown DC, Reetz J. Single agent polysaccharopeptide delays metastases and improves survival in naturally occurring hemangiosarcoma.    


Easy to administer just follow dosage guidelines and place directly into pets mouth or on top of food or treats.


Turkey Tail Mushroom Pet Oral Drops 50mL - 100% Fruiting body - No alcohol

  • "For the next six weeks I gave him the oral drops every day. Almost every time I gave it to him he started purring. As a result, he was up and about more, eating small amounts and showing me he was still there."


    • Jessica B.



    "Your products are a godsend to us and are letting us continue to enjoy and love our wonderful boy [11-year-old Black lab Mac.]"


    • Dana, Janice & Mac



    "Thank you for taking my big chicken Dane into a nice and relaxed happy girl!"


    • Kaitlyn


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