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CEO of FurBabies Pet Products Tami Kersch


I'm Tami Kersch, animal lover, CEO and editor (blogger)  here at

FurBabies Pet Products Inc.

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Her Story

Tami's upbringing was notably unique, growing up on a vast rural property in Alberta, surrounded by a plethora of pets. Her profound affection for animals became evident at the tender age of 3, when she bestowed the name "Kitten" upon her beloved horse.

As a serial entrepreneur, just out of University, Tami established one of Canada’s oldest and most prominent casting studios for film and TV. Two decades were dedicated to the film industry until 2010 when she made a resolute decision to follow her lifelong passion and dedication to animals. This led to the birth of Apawthecary Pets, a brand now cherished across Canada for its all-natural, plant-based pet products.

Her aspiration was to extend her reach to animals globally, leading to the sale of the company to a larger corporation in 2019 with the promise of achieving her global ambitions. Unfortunately, that partnership didn't yield the desired results, leaving her with a yearning to make a real impact on the well-being of animals.

Fortunate that numerous companies actively sought her expertise, Tami ultimately found the perfect fit with the remarkable team at FurBabies Pet Products. Their shared philosophy emphasized natural, synthetic-free, and additive-free solutions for pets, prioritizing pet health over profits.

With FurBabies, she once again found herself able to share her extensive knowledge of plant medicine in the context of pet care, reigniting her passion for making a difference.

Her insatiable thirst for knowledge was always evident, especially when it came to animal care. She voraciously absorbed information on plant medicine and its application to animals, and today, she is widely recognized as an expert in this field, even though she humbly avoids the title, preferring "Huge Animal Lover" or "Well-Versed."

Her home has always been a haven for animals, and she has steadfastly upheld her commitment to using only the highest-quality ingredients in the products, as she applied them to her own cherished pets. Every product underwent meticulous scrutiny, from sourcing top-quality suppliers to adopting sustainable packaging. She firmly believed that if she wouldn't use a product on her own pets, it had no place in the market.

To date, Tami has played a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for thousands of pets and remains unwavering in her quest for knowledge. A recent discovery came when she learned about the benefits of incorporating mushrooms into pet care, driven by her personal experience with Diesel, her beloved fur baby who battled spleen cancer. The inclusion of drops, treats, and Turkey Tail mushroom powder extended Diesel's life by 18 months and facilitated a peaceful, veterinarian-free passing at home.

Her dedication to finding the purest remedies for her human family extended to her animals upon realizing that these remedies could also benefit them. As a result, she delved into understanding the potential of plant-based materials for animals, distinguishing which were safe and beneficial. Numerous pet owners have reached out to her seeking support for their aging pets, and she joyfully spends her days assisting these pet parents in caring for their furry family members.



My team and I are here to answer your questions and help you with your concerns, please reach out to us.


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