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For centuries, numerous cultures have maintained health by adding functional mushrooms to their daily diets.  Why should people be the only ones to reap the benefits when the benefits also apply to our furry family members?

We proudly offer only 100% fruiting body mushroom products.  When in R&D, we spoke to numerous mycologists, who overwhelmingly agreed that using the fruiting body with no mycelium, will offer the ultimate benefits. We strive to offer the best products available and choose to always use the fruiting body only and never mycelium.  We use these products with our own fur babies and want nothing but the best!


Our 100% fruiting body powder comes in 50g and 100g resealable bags, complete with a moisture card to ensure freshness and a bamboo scoop to help with dosage.  Our oral drop carrier oil is MCT, coconut-derived, and is bottled in tampered-proof 50mL bottles with gradient rounded-tip droppers.   


Glucans constitute the cell wall of fungi and are the main polysaccharides present in mushrooms. Total carbohydrates—including polysaccharides—are about 50% of the dry matter of mushrooms.  Our method of extraction ensures the entire fruiting body, including the cell wall, or chitin, is included.  The same can not be said for those using cane alcohol, as alcohol can not break down the chitin.  We are among the extreme few that can proudly boast that we use no starch and no alcohol. 


Depending on the mushroom, our supplier selects the best source for different types of mushrooms as the basis of their raw material.  The mushrooms are grown in controlled environments with many on hardwood sawdust, which is composed of very small wood chips that contain a minimal amount of moisture, allowing it to be virtually dust free.  Our supplier's factories comply with GMP standards and have passed ISO 9001 and ISO14000, Kosher and Halal certifications.

We use an extraction method unlike most others using no alcohol, ensuring we capture the entire mushroom. As we all know, the most beneficial compounds in fruits and vegetables are found in the skin/wall, and with mushrooms, this is called chitin.  Our extraction actually breaks down and includes the chitin, something alcohol, including cane alcohol just can't do. Our carrier oil is MCT, coconut-derived, and is bottled in tampered-proof 50mL bottles with gradient rounded-tip droppers.


Our polysaccharide levels are very good and we work to ensure each mushroom leans to the higher acceptable range, and COAs are available for products purchased when requested.  However, we are not strong believers in COAs as they can be simply printed from the internet and passed off as their own. Many put their beliefs on COAs, but did you view one from your meal last night, your coffee or juice this morning? Rather we believe people should try the products with their pets and witness the results for themselves.  After all, there is no placebo effect with animals and they either do better, or they don't.   


We feel confident you'll be thrilled with the results upon trying any, or all, of our mushrooms.  As with all our products, our mushrooms are human-grade, making them something you can share with your furry family member.

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