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Seeking wellness for your pet?  We're here to help!


Apawthecary Pets 2.0 - YES!

The first hemp product produced in Canada for pets was developed by Apawthecary Pets. Pet owners across Canada came to depend on the brand and the quality, not to mention how fabulously the products helped their pets. The company was sold in 2019 and closed down by the new owners in 2020. Thankfully, the founders of the original Apawthecary Pets, who created the formulations, have agreed to join forces with FurBabies, and together they have created products similar, but superior, to what many have been missing. In essence, we are Apawthecary Pets 2.0. The founders of FurBabies were loyal customers of Apawthecary Pets who sorely missed their beloved products. They hounded, pun intended, the original founders to join the team. Thankfully, they succeeded!


While we may seem like the new kids on the block, we are anything but.  We have come from various brands, and pet industries, across the nation and are well versed in helping your fur babies...naturally!  Together, we have a combined 46-year knowledge base we are open to sharing with you.

FurBabies was created because of our love and passion for animals, all things natural, and a life-long search for healthy alternatives to help our four-legged friends without having to turn to pharmaceuticals as the only option. We also saw a need for a company that is willing to be open and honest with their customers, be it a private household, store owner, or veterinarians, we are here to help share our knowledge of all things natural. We're here to help answer any questions you may have and thrive on knowledge, research, and helping others understand the natural route.

Being lifelong pet owners we saw our elderly pets were struggling with pain from arthritis and other conditions. We started researching and developing a plant-based, all-natural product that would alleviate pain, anxiety, and other issues. After experiencing resounding success with the relief of symptoms and pain, others soon began wanting to use our products, and FurBabies was born.

Understanding what we do

Whether you are a new customer seeking healthy and wholesome solutions to help your animals, or an experienced veterinarian seeking better solutions for your patients, FurBabies is here to help.

  • We develop and manufacture all of our products

  • We source high-quality ingredients

  • We make our pet wellness products in the best interests of the user - your beloved animal and ours!

  • Education is important to us, as it is to you, and no question goes unanswered

Read more about our line of pet wellness products:


Pet Owner Approved​

Your feedback and support are what drives us to be the best provider of oral drops and natural pet treats (coming soon). Read our customer testimonials and see what people have been saying about FurBabies products and how they have helped their dog, cat, and horse friends.

Send us your testimonial, along with a photo of your pet, so we can share your experience!

First Time Customer? Seeking More Information?​

Begin your journey by learning more about the natural benefits of our product's ingredients. Find more information about our products:


Visit our FAQ page or reach out to us as we're all about education and love helping our pet parents. Contact us here.

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