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Read real testimonies from real pet-parents.


dog barking

We practice what we preach, our little guy Fergus was a rescue and not without his medical issues. We started him on Turkey Tail mushrooms for his immunity and stomach issues and CBM for his collapsed trachea.  We sprinkle the mushrooms right on his food and he loves it.



50g and 100g bags of Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder
two 30ml bottles of 100mg Oral Drops CBM

My love bug recently turned 18 and he loves his drops, as you can see. He even wakes from a sound sleep to have his drops.


Thank you FurBabies! Sue and Kasey

50ml bottle of Feline Easy Joints

Tonka (13yrs) was a very healthy active dog, allowing us so many years of happiness. However, during the last 18 months, we witnessed several physical and cognitive degenerative issues that became so pronounced, we were concerned about his quality of life. Tonka’s ability to walk up and down stairs degenerated to where a lift harness had to be used to carry him.

Whilst in the house Tonka also found it difficult to move freely from room to room and on many occasions found it difficult to exit rooms. Furbabies all-natural plant based Oral drops and Lions Mane Mushroom products helped Tonka’s revival and rejuvenation.

The Extended Care Oral Drops and Lions Mane Mushroom, not only strengthened Tonka’s hips, but allowed Tonka to easily walk up and down the stairs, move freely between rooms and exit doors withconfidence, all within a few days.

Linda and Gary’s Story, Leduc Alberta.  Tonka, our 13-year-old Black Labrador

100g bag of Lions mane mushrooms for pets
50ml bottle of 1800mg BACON CBM oral drops

Our 6 year old Bengal, Wallace was struggling with Arthritis, our Vet suggested FurBabies Easy Joints. Wow in a short two weeks we have seen an amazing difference in him, he now wants to play and climb again. (not sure if thats a good thing) 

He's so fussy we thought it would be a struggle to get him to take it, but when we bring the bottle out now he actually will sit and lick it right off the dropper, Thank you so much FurBabies!


Holly, Sam & Wallace

One Easy Joints Bottle & Tube
wallace 2

A huge thank you to Laura at DOGsAGE who recommended FurBabies Feline Easy Joints for Lumi.


She had her amputation two years ago, in November. We had her at the vet for just a check-up and I wanted to do an x-ray because I was worried about her, and it showed a fracture. I don’t know what the poor girl's story is or how she ended up with her injuries (and I probably don’t want to know) I just know her story is very good now because she’s very loved. 


I’m a holistic nutritionist for humans and this product offers absolutely amazing ingredients. I personally recommend them to my clients and use them myself.  Super excited to try them, even if Lumi isn't a fan of the flavour. Thank you so much, DOGsAGE and FurBabies!


Gidget and Lumi

Easy Joints Bottle & Tube

A horse boarded where my horse was boarded was suffering from horrible arthritis.  She was very well taken care of but couldn't leave her stall, due to the inflammation. I found out she was once a World Champion Canter, 3 years running, and knew I had to help her.  I spoke to her owner and together we offered her some of Furbabies Pets Equine drops.  After 2 weeks, she went from being confined to a stall to being the horse you see leaving the stalls and heading to the pasture.  Thank you FurBabies!


Dianne and Goldie

Equine Care Oral drops for PAIN1500 50ml BOX
Barb & horse

My horse Popcorn has always suffered from anxiety, he goes crazy around loud noises. I started him on FurBabies Equine Calming drops, it's been amazing. No issues at Halloween, and yesterday I was crossing the road and a large truck pulled up he handled it so well, I am so proud of my boy, thank you FurBabies. 


Barbara & Popcorn

Equine Care 50ml bottle of CALM_oral drops

Bronson’s success story -  He’s doing wonderful! We are currently up north, camping with him, and he enjoyed a day at the beach today. He’s happy and showing no issues with knuckling or lameness. In fact, he hasn’t shown any knuckling since about two weeks after starting the lion's mane.  Thank you DOGsAge for recommending and sending the mushrooms to me. Thank you Furbabies for offering such an amazing product.


I can’t tell you how much it means to us to have our boy happy and healthy so we can make these amazing memories with him up here camping.  He had quite a full day yesterday and he’s moving great this morning without any issues! 

Cherie and Bronson

50g and 100g bags of Lion's mane Mushrooms for dogs
Riley the Goldendoodle

My boy, Riley, started suffering from seizures which were getting progressively worse. I visited Wholesome Canine in Toronto, in 2020 in hopes they could make a recommendation on how I can help him using a natural route. Christine suggested I try FurBabies drops as well as place Riley on a gluten-free diet.  I am forever thankful for her advice.


Riley has been seizure-free for 1.5 years since adding the drops and making his diet gluten-free. I was able to reduce the prescription meds, with my veterinarian's help.


Thank you Wholesome Canine and FurBabies!

Chris and Riley @riley.princeofswansea

30ml bottle of 300mg CBM Oral Drops

Our boy was diagnosed with canine hemangiosarcoma and we were heartbroken. We researched and found that Turkey Tail mushrooms could help, and contacted FurBabies.  The life expectancy for a dog with this cancer isn’t long, and we opted for surgery, which may have given him 5-7 months longer.  We absolutely feel that FurBabies helped us to have our big boy for just over a year, with a great quality of life.  Thank you for all you did for Diesel and the gift of extra time was immeasurable. 


Brad and Diesel

50g and 100 gram Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder for pets

My boy Storm is a 12 year old American Bulldog mix, at an early age he had Hip dysplasia and we were warned he probably wouldn't make it past 8 years of age without his hips causing him severe issues. At the age of 10, he had a MCT removed from his left rear hip, he almost didn't make it, the vet didn't think he'd make it through the night after the surgery. Fast forward 2 years later and he's still going strong - he's very stubborn and headstrong (grateful for that) but he was starting to slow down and have trouble climbing the stairs or walking/running. We started him on the Extra Large Breed Pet Oral Drops, but really found the Extend Care Pet Oral Drops to make the difference. He now moves much easier, and at times shows small bursts of play and jogging.

We also use the Wild Boar Dog Treats before bed and it gives him a peaceful night's sleep.


If you have a large breed dog and they seem to be in pain, we've found these products to be a blessing.  I'm always grateful I found Furbabies and the help it's provided Storm.


Rob and Storm


Our Marven is 10 years young today and was diagnosed with gut and urinary tract issues a year ago. We tried FurBabies Turkey Tail mushroom powder.  We mix it twice a day with his food and we have seen an amazing change in our little man. No more urinary and bowel issues. Marven seems to be happier and is acting more like a kitten these days playing with our puppy. Thank you FurBabies.


Debbie, Ron & Marven

50g and 100g bags of Turkey Tail mushroom powder for pets

I cannot recommend this company and their product enough! I tell every dog owner I meet about them and to order from FurBabies. 


My dog Indy has hip displacia and was in terrible pain. She was so cranky and lifeless and then when we gave her this product she was like a puppy again. She can't function without it, and during covid product became scarce. Tami from FurBabies, on several occasions, has hand-delivered product to us herself or even given us product from her personal supply. She goes above and beyond!


I encourage everyone to order from FurBabies as their product quality is high (I've used others that had no effect and were more expensive), and their customer service is second to none. 


Thanks so much to everyone at FurBabies!!!


- Saran and Indy


Since the first batch of products from Laura at DOGsAGE arrived Moxie has improved significantly — but because I also switched her painkillers when my usual vet returned, I can’t attribute it to the products for certain.


It seems every day, she returns a little bit to her old self. One day she got up and walked into the kitchen. One day she put her paw around me. One day she laid by the front door while I was out. One day she rolled onto her back. One day she trotted to the front door when someone used the knocker. Today she drank from the “bowl of hope” which is the water bowl that I refresh daily at her eating station that she hasn’t used for over a month.


A month ago, she could not get up on her own. Today she gets up on her own two or three times or more depending on what’s going on.


She loves the cookies and they smell so good I need to control myself! Moxie sat when I handed the treat bag to my friend to give her one. She hasn’t been able to sit for treats in a very long time, nor has anyone asked her to because I could see it was causing her discomfort to “sit." She drooled all over my rug while she was waiting! lol


I’m very thankful to both of you, as in my heart I believe it’s the FurBabies products combined with DOGsAGE's fabulous service combined with all the positive vibrations being sent to the universe on her behalf. 


Karen and Moxie

Plant based medicinal dog treats

My 11-year-old English bulldog, Fergie, loves the beef-flavored treats. She's had surgery on both of her back legs and can barely move due to crippling arthritis. These treats really work! She is on 3 different medicines for inflammation & pain relief and I notice more of a difference in her behavior from these treats than I do from her medicines. 


Shayne and Fergi

plant based dog tretas in 3 flavours

My senior princess' name is Chloe. She is 14.5 years old. I was seeing that she had lots of trouble being mobile, her hips and back legs don't work so well anymore. She was tiring easily, trips and falls. I needed to assist her while going up and down the stairs. She would not give the young dogs any attention and was sleeping most of the day. I was faithfully giving her a different product and she was doing remarkably! When I could no longer get the product, I then tried a few other kinds. She went downhill so quickly that I thought I was going to lose her.


When I was told about FurBabies, I purchased it and when it arrived I gave her a dose. I immediately noticed a difference in her! She now can go up and down the stairs by herself. She gets hyper spells where she runs and plays with my young dogs. We have started to go play at the off-leash park. She is curious and cheeky and will come see what I'm doing. She no longer sleeps all day. 


I am so very grateful for every single day I get to spend with my beautiful girl where she is enjoying her life again. 


Kelly and Chloe

Our 10 year old english lab Pepper has had TPLO surgery on both her knees in the past 5 years.  Over the past year,  her walks became slower and she was trailing behind me.  No get up and go. 


She recently had her annual check-up and arthritis is creeping in.  I imagine she has been in some pain and not wanting to walk very far. She dictated her afternoon walks and made it quite clear when she was ready to turn around and go home.  Her walks were becoming shorter and shorter.


We have always used omegas and other supplements for support however within 3 days of using the drops, I started to notice a change in her walks.  Now a week later, she has a spring in her step and walking out in front again!  Amazing. Thank you to Furbabies!   


Karen & Pepper

Bonnie - FurBabies

Hello! I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a difference the dog treats from Furbabies have made in my Bonnie’s life! I use the treats to alleviate Bonnie’s severe anxiety. My poor big chicken is absolutely TERRIFIED of thunder and fireworks. No amount of cuddles, words of assurance, or shoulder rubs could calm her.


I give her the treats well in advance of forecast storms or on days when fireworks are likely and she now remains calm with no pacing around the house, shaking, or panting. It has been such a blessing to no longer need to worry about her during these times as it almost literally broke my heart seeing her in such a state of distress.


I would even sleep on the floor in the bathroom (the one place she seems to feel a bit more relaxed) in an effort to alleviate her stress.

So, sending a huge thank you to Furbabies!!


Jane and Bonnie


Sweet Madeline is almost 15 years old and a few years ago my vet noticed her hips were tight. Like with my Emmie, she started on a series of injections to help with the stiffness then about a year later I found this oil. It was working so well for my one cat I wanted to start Maddie on it as well.


Maddie also suffers from calico stubbornness and has peed outside the box since she was a wee kitten. She has been on all kinds of natural and stronger medications to curb this and I hated having her on them. Once on the oil for a few weeks, I decided to stop the antianxiety meds and she hasn’t peed outside the box since. She is also much more agile and only needs her injections twice a year.


I’m elated at the success we’ve had with this and I know my cat is happier as well.


Sue and Maddie

Emmie-FurBabies Pet Products

Miss Emmie (Emmeline) came to me as a stray a few years ago. She was having constant urinary infections and constipation. It wasn’t until my vet did X-rays that we found that she had a severely arthritic spine which was causing extreme discomfort when using the litter box so she would hold it, causing infections. We got her on a routine of vet injections and laxatives. I could tell she wasn’t happy and after taking a laxative one night myself I realized the discomfort she must have been in so I started searching for alternatives for her. I found FurBabies and their wonderful products and got my girl started on them immediately. She also suffers from anxiety as she’s not fond of her fur-siblings.

Within days of giving her the oil, her whole demeanor changed. She was a much happier cat and within weeks she was literally flying across the room and jumping 3’ into the air to climb her cat tree and our cat shelves.

She still gets her injections twice a year, she no longer has urinary infections or constipation and the bonus is she’s not only pain free, she’s much cuddlier and “tolerant” of her fur-siblings! I highly recommend Fur Babies Pet Oil Drops!


Sue and Emmie

2 30ml bottles 100mg Oral Drops CBM

I started my cat with Stomatitis on Furbabies drops about a week ago. He is also stressed from another one of my cats as they don't care for each other. The change in him has been amazing. Not only is he happier, but he is eating me "out of the house and home now" (he wasn't eating much due to pain) and he played this morning for the first time in about a year! I can't tell you enough how great this product is! The results are so fast!


I have also put another one of my cats on it as she has an irritable bladder from time to time due to stress and it has worked on her keeping her from thinking she has to pee when she doesn't. I highly recommend Furbabies drops!


Debbie and kids


My dog Lexi had a injury to her ankle a couple of years back and after treatment and wearing her brace for walking/activities she was good for quite some time.  She fell down the stairs and was limping again so I started her on the drops and in a matter of a few days she stopped limping and was able to do the stairs on her own again.  She will be 15 in May but you would not know it as she is still quite active.  Thank you Furbabies for your wonderful products.  


Silvana and Lexi

lulu-furbabies pet products

I just wanted to take a minute to update you at FurBabies and Laura at DOGsAGE on Lu Lu. She is doing awesome since starting on the drops!!  More like herself, she’s definitely getting around much better and walking as far as she was before she had the fluid on her lungs. (Which isn’t a lot - she is more of a couch pugato than anything). She’s her bossy old self! I just wanted to let you know and your help, Laura, was/is beyond greatly appreciated!


Shanah and Lu Lu

Sunday, Oct 1 was the 18 month anniversary of when we found out Gigi had cancer. We were devastated when the vet said 'enjoy your time with her as she would only be around for another few weeks or maybe a month or 2'. It's a good thing we didn't listen to them because we've had 2 great summers and plan to have a few more.


We did everything we could to help our sweet girl and made a trip to Saskatoon Vet College. This, we felt, was our last hope (or so we thought). As we feared they gave us little hope and few options. While there, Jackie had a conversation with another pet parent who was looking into hemp oil and alternative measures. That started our research and led us to FurBabies. We feel VERY strongly that your products have played a pivotal role in her improvement and eventual recovery! 


One thing for sure that is helping is we give the FurBabies tincture about 30 mins before her meals. This has definitely increased her appetite, which had been a concern. She eats her meals much better now and most of the time without any fuss, which is a significant turnaround. It also really appears to help with pain management and general happiness/well being.


To the uninformed, when Gigi meets her good friend Dutch, she looks like a dog sort of playing with another dog. So what, no big deal. However, we know that just a few months ago she was very lethargic, had difficulty getting up from a lay down position, was very very cautious going upstairs, and when she did walk it was slow and almost robot like (stiff). Her head was mostly down (not sniffing... just sort of sad). Now... WOW, you can see the difference! Gigi sometimes acts like a puppy again - just this morning she was rolling around in the grass, on her back, feet flailing in the air. It was so good to see that! We cannot put it in words how happy we are.

Thank you for helping!

Doug, Jackie, and Gigi

Just as a follow up letter to let you know that your product is awesome pawsome!! We have settled on the dosage of 0.5ml and it is working great. She is doing really well with asthma, just a few bouts now and then (but it is springtime). I am so happy I found the unflavoured one as she seems to take that better than anything flavoured. :-) As with any pet parent, I was hesitant to start with a new product when we had finally found something that would work for her. But getting on to your product was better than expected.

(Note: The drops are not the only things she is taking for asthma. I just don't want to mislead anyone. She still takes prednisolone and theophylline, but I was able to really back down on the prednisolone which was the real bonus - to be able to cut back at least half on the steroids. I actually had weaned her down to almost nothing but had to up it again and she has major gastric issues. Not one thing but another. *sigh* Poor kitty.)


Thank you!

Sandy & Frankie

We just wanted to thank you so much for helping us get the correct dose to start Rosie off.

Rosie is already feeling much better. She is thanking us often by licking us and wagging her tail (this is new). Her mood and energy level is much improved and her great big toothy smile is adorable and also new.


It’s so touching to watch the improvement and to know we could help. She is such a good friend we don’t want to see her suffer needlessly. Many thanks for taking the time. 


We love this product.

Rosie, Brenda & Virgil

I see an improvement in Sophie, my snow-loving dog!  More bounce in her step and her appetite seems improved...less finicky.  This product really has amazing results on my 17-year-old Schnauzer!  


We all thank you!

Sophie, Tracy & Glenn

I just thought I'd give you an update on Maverick. He has been great these last 3 1/2 weeks with no whimpering when he gets up and we have actually increased pace when we go for our walks.


Maverick & Terry


We are so grateful to FurBabies for giving my dog products that have not only helped her, but have kept her alive. 


Kelsey is 17 years old, and was diagnosed with kidney disease and heart disease years ago. We began giving her natural treatments which improved/maintained her conditions. 


However, a year ago Kelsey began having strokes and seizures. We started giving her the oral drops (which she looks forward to every day). The oil has kept her seizures at bay, and when she does have one, it helps her come out of it within seconds to minutes and her recovery time is exceptional. A dog that has these health conditions and has such an extraordinary recovery at 17 yrs old is a miracle. The drops have helped her recovery, maintenance, given her energy, improved her appetite, less pain and reduced her anxiety exceptionally. The fact of how much it's helped with her seizures is amazing! 


I have heard countless vets/specialists tell me that they don't know how much longer she can live and that I should think of her quality of life. I listened to my gut and continued taking care of her and giving her your products. My advice to anyone who loves their pets is to give them a try, you will not be disappointed and only wonder why you didn't try it earlier.  My dog was active at 16 and I think it's proof that we are doing something right!! :) Keep in mind that I only recommend a product if I stand by it 100%. The staff is always a pleasure to talk to and are always very compassionate and helpful. Thank you for saving my dog's life!!!!



Kelsey, Jessica & Octavio


Our senior princess Chloe had very sore, weak back legs. She now can run and play with our 2 young dogs again!! It's been truly life changing for our family. Thank you again!


Chloe & Kelly



My doggie Sandy, a Bichon/Yorkie cross, will be 13 in January.  In late April he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in his liver, or whatever was left from the tumor removal two years ago. The specialist vets' advice was to enjoy Sandy for the few weeks he’ll be around which is better than “having him die on my table”.


Sandy gradually stopped eating and did not want to go even for short walks. He was in great pain and in June I considered to put him down. Then I came across an article about hemp oil. Sandy is 24 lbs. and has been on the medication twice daily 0.50 ml, with food. He is happy as can be, goes for walks twice a day and eats well. I cannot thank your team enough for giving me my Sandy back for the last 5 months so far. What a great product! I would bet that the medication controls not only the pain but the cancer is now in remission. Knock-on-wood!


Thomas and Sandy



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