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Our proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients are rich in nutrients that have been around for thousands of years and have been used throughout history to maintain overall wellness in animals.  Our products are created to help maintain health and alleviate aches and pains from injury or old age. Changes should be noticed within 4 days of beginning usage.

Starting Dosage
Each endocannabinoid system (ECS) is different and each will require a different amount for optimum benefit.  We recommend starting low and rising slowly to find the level that works for your pet. Start with 0.1mg per kg of a dogs' weight and 0.2mg per kg for a cat.  For other animals, start at the lowest level of 1-2 drops.  You can also contact us for assistance

How Often?
Depending on the severity of the issue, you can give the drops once or twice a day. You can try starting once a day (usually in the evening/dinner time) and if the issue doesn't seem to improve, add a second daily dose, in the morning.  If a higher dose is needed, add 1/4 of the dropper more to the evening dose and give it for 3 days.  If more is needed, add another 1/4 of the dropper full to the morning dose. Continue to slowly increase the dosage, and alternate the levels rising, until relief is seen.  Do not exceed 1mg per kg for a dog or 2mg per kg for a cat as a daily dosage. 

How to Administer
The drops are best given sublingually.  This means under the tongue but getting it under your pet's tongue is near impossible so we suggest putting the drops between the cheek and along the gumline. There are numerous blood vessels in the mouth and the drops can reach the bloodstream quicker if you give via this route. If this proves too difficult, placing the drops orally will work. 

You can give with or without food, but we do prefer directly into the mouth so you can be assured they received the full dosage. When adding to food it will take much longer, up to 2 hours, before it reaches the system.  With this in mind, we highly recommend animals with seizure activity take the drops orally, esp during an episode.  The treats can take 1 - 2 hours for the benefits to be seen but are the preferred method for many pet parents.  Many dogs love the treats as they are super yummy and are an extremely healthy alternative to some other treats on the market.

Slowly raise the level until you find the ultimate level, the "sweet spot". Do not exceed the daily dosage of 1mg per kg for a dog or 2mg per kg for a cat

For horses, we offer our specifically formulated oral drops. Despite their size, horses do not require as concentrated a dose as other animals. Place the drops into their mouths along the gum line, on their favourite treat, or into their food bag. 

Our recommended starting dose for a horse is 22.5mg the first day/.75mL of the dropper (one dose only) and lowering the following daily dosages to 15mg/.50mL of the dropper (once a day only).  


Our years of experience have taught us that every animal has
a "sweet spot" or an amount of product that best suits them
and their individualistic needs.

Every animal that has a spine will have an endocannabinoid
system (ECS).  It's the ECS's sole purpose to keep the body
in homeostasis. Often, the ECS needs outside help and by
introducing our line to your fur baby, many health issues may
be helped. 

Start low and while you are slowly increasing your animal
through various dosages, monitor them to see if he/she is
doing better. Once they are doing better,
stay at that level,
and stop increasing.  You have reached the ultimate goal -
the level you feel is working best for your pet. T
his will be
their "sweet spot".

Each ECS works differently and it's up to you, the pet parent, to determine the sweet spot for your pet. We rely on you to monitor your pet for side effects and to know when the desired level of oral drops, or treats, has been achieved. You'll know when your animal is feeling better by them eating better, wanting to play, go on walks, feeling playful, moving about with ease, etc. After all, no one knows your pet like you do. 

When dealing with most issues we recommend not going about the daily level of:
1mg per kg weight of your dog
2mg per kg weight for your cat
The ECS doesn't need an excessive amount of additional help to work. Picture a glass of water, once it's full, adding extra just results in a mess resulting in spillage.  The ECS works the exact same. Starting low and going slow is the best method to determine your pet's sweet spot.
Other animals will require different levels, and science hasn't reached them yet, so determining the mg/kg is not possible.  ALWAYS start extremely low, with 1-2 drops, and go up from there.  We are always here to help and never hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Us

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