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We always recommend you contact your veterinarian first before using this or any product.

When it comes to seizures and our products - there is good news, and bad.  The good is many dogs and cats may have been seizure-free, or the severity and frequency may have been greatly reduced while using our drops.  The bad is seizures are the hardest ailments to figure out the exact dosage for.  But don't despair and we'll figure it out, together.  


It can be tough to pinpoint the best dosage for seizures as each animal is so different and each epileptic has a seizure for a different reason. Each seizure is different and you can not always tell what will cause one. As such, determining the right amount of drops to administer to your fur baby is not easy. I know it sounds daunting but it's not too difficult. The hardest part is having to witness your baby having another seizure. It's all about trial and error and seeing what level of drops your pet needs.


We ask people to start with 0.1mg per kg of dogs' weight. Give twice a day and it's best to give right into their mouth so you can be sure they get it all. Administer for 3 days. On day 4, add 1/4 of a dropper more to each dose and again give for three days. Continue to slowly raise, every fourth day, until you have reached the daily amount of 1mg/kg. Many pets do well with the 1mg or 1.5mg per kg but occasionally more is required. We never know until the animal starts on the drops.


Note: If a seizure occurs - quickly administer a full dose as this should help stop it. Skip the next dose and then resume as normal. 

Please note that if your animal has a sensitivity to MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) or has issues with their pancreas, your animal may require different dosing instructions.  While MCT oil is considered a safe/better alternative for animals with pancreatitis, if either of these statements is true for your animal, please contact us directly for more information.


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