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Horse Drops! 

50ml bottle of Equine Care for Anxiety oral drops

Product Details

  • Natural Flavoured - Hemp Infused Horse Drops 50mL 1500mg per bottle

  • Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain 

  • Reduces stress and pain while promoting relaxation 

  • Controlled dosing


  • Easy to administer

  • Provides relief from pains associated with old age & health ailments

  • Beneficial for skin & coat issues

  • Reduces anxiety & improves mood

  • Restores youthful vigor



  • The horse drops contain 1500mg/50mL dropper bottle and has 30mg per 1mL

  • We suggest starting with 22.5mg =.75mL of the dropper to kick start the endocannabinoid system on day one only

  • Administer 15mg the following days = 0.50mL

  • If required, slowly increase by adding 1/4 more of the dropper, every fourth day, until results are seen  

Ingredients: MCT Oil and Proprietary Cannabimimetic Blend






50ml Bottle of Equine Care for Pain oral drops


Horse Treats are Coming! 

Product Details

  • Apple-Carrot, or Peppermint Flavoured - Cannabimemetic / hemp terpene blend 

  • 907g/ 32oz bag

  • Grain-free and corn-free treats 

  • Made with human-grade food ingredients

  • Designed for equine care

  • No artificial preservatives

  • Alleviates pain from arthritis and helps maintain or restore youthful vitality, for calming.

Product Details

  • This product acts as a 'top-up' to your horse's oral drops.  To dose, simply give them a treat!

  • Recommended treat amounts:

    • Horse = 2-3 biscuits per day 

1 bag peppermint Horse Treats Functional medicinal
1 bag cinnamon apple Horse treats medicinal
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