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"Pawsitively Transformed: Heartwarming Success Stories with FurBabies Pet Wellness Products"

I suppose there are moments when it's necessary to toot your own horn, but we genuinely take pride in our products and hold a deep affection for all FurBabies. That's why we've decided to share some of our success stories from real pet parents who have used our products.


At FurBabies, we believe that pets deserve the best care and attention. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to crafting high-quality products that enhance the lives of both pets and their loving parents. In this blog, we are thrilled to share inspiring success stories from real pet parents who have experienced the transformative power of FurBabies products in their daily routines.

  1. Tonka's story:

Tonka (13yrs) was a very healthy active dog, allowing us so many years of happiness. However, during the last 18 months, we witnessed several physical and cognitive degenerative issues that became so pronounced, we were concerned about his quality of life. Tonka’s ability to walk up and down stairs degenerated to where a lift harness had to be used to carry him.

Whilst in the house Tonka also found it difficult to move freely from room to room and on many occasions found it difficult to exit rooms. Furbabies all-natural plant based Oral drops and Lions Mane Mushroom products helped Tonka’s revival and rejuvenation.

The Extended Care Oral Drops and Lions Mane Mushroom, not only strengthened Tonka’s hips, but allowed Tonka to easily walk up and down the stairs, move freely between rooms and exit doors with confidence, all within a few days.

Linda, Gary, & Tonka, Leduc Alberta.

2. Wallace’s story:

Our beloved 6-year-old Bengal, Wallace, was grappling with arthritis when our vet recommended FurBabies Easy Joints. To our amazement, within just two short weeks, Wallace showed remarkable improvement. He's now eager to engage in play and climb again—though we're not entirely sure if that's a good thing!

Given Wallace's picky nature, we anticipated a struggle to administer the supplement. However, to our delight, he eagerly laps it up straight from the dropper whenever we bring out the bottle. Thank you immensely, FurBabies, for making such a positive difference in Wallace's life!


Wallace, Sam & Holly.

3. Lumi's Story:

A huge thank you to Laura at DOGsAGE who recommended FurBabies Feline Easy Joints for Lumi.


She had her amputation two years ago, in November. We had her at the vet for just a check-up and I wanted to do an x-ray because I was worried about her, and it showed a fracture. I don’t know what the poor girl's story is or how she ended up with her injuries (and I probably don’t want to know) I just know her story is very good now because she’s very loved. 


I’m a holistic nutritionist for humans and this product offers absolutely amazing ingredients. I personally recommend them to my clients and use them myself.  Super excited to try them, even if Lumi isn't a fan of the flavour. Thank you so much, FurBabies!

Gidget and Lumi

4. Riley's story:

My boy, Riley, started suffering from seizures which were getting progressively worse. I visited Wholesome Canine in Toronto, in hopes they could make a recommendation on how I can help him using a natural route. Christine suggested I try FurBabies drops as well as place Riley on a gluten-free diet.  I am forever thankful for her advice.


Riley has been seizure-free for 1.5 years since adding the drops and making his diet gluten-free. I was able to reduce the prescription meds, with my veterinarian's help.

Thank you FurBabies!

Chris and Riley

5. Indy’s story:

I cannot recommend this company and their product enough! I tell every dog owner I meet about them and to order from FurBabies. 


My dog Indy has hip dysplasia and was in terrible pain. She was so cranky and lifeless and then when we gave her this product she was like a puppy again. She can't function without it, and during Covid product became scarce. Tami from FurBabies, on several occasions, has hand-delivered product to us herself or even given us product from her personal supply. She goes above and beyond!


I encourage everyone to order from FurBabies as their product quality is high (I've used others that had no effect and were more expensive), and their customer service is second to none. 

 Thanks so much to everyone at FurBabies!!!

- Saran and Indy

6. Fergie's story:

My 11-year-old English bulldog, Fergie, loves the beef-flavored treats. She's had surgery on both of her back legs and can barely move due to crippling arthritis.

These treats really work! She is on 3 different medicines for inflammation & pain relief and I notice more of a difference in her behavior from these treats than I do from her medicines. 


Shayne and Fergie

7. Chloe's story:

My senior princess' name is Chloe. She is 14.5 years old. I was seeing that she had lots of trouble being mobile, her hips and back legs don't work so well anymore. She was tiring easily, trips and falls. I needed to assist her while going up and down the stairs. She would not give the young dogs any attention and was sleeping most of the day. I was faithfully giving her a different product and she was doing remarkably! When I could no longer get the product, I then tried a few other kinds. She went downhill so quickly that I thought I was going to lose her.


When I was told about FurBabies, I purchased it and when it arrived I gave her a dose. I immediately noticed a difference in her! She now can go up and down the stairs by herself. She gets hyper spells where she runs and plays with my young dogs. We have started to go play at the off-leash park. She is curious and cheeky and will come see what I'm doing. She no longer sleeps all day. 


I am so very grateful for every single day I get to spend with my beautiful girl where she is enjoying her life again. 

Kelly and Chloe

8. Bronson’s success story:

He’s doing wonderful! We are currently up north, camping with him, and he enjoyed a day at the beach today. He’s happy and showing no issues with knuckling or lameness. In fact, he hasn’t shown any knuckling since about two weeks after starting the lion's mane.  Thank you DOGsAge for recommending and sending the mushrooms to me. Thank you FurBabies for offering such an amazing product.


I can’t tell you how much it means to us to have our boy happy and healthy so we can make these amazing memories with him up here camping.  He had quite a full day yesterday and he’s moving great this morning without any issues! 

Cherie and Bronson

9. Popcorn's story:

My horse Popcorn has always suffered from anxiety, he goes crazy around loud noises. I started him on FurBabies Equine Calming drops, it's been amazing. No issues at Halloween, and yesterday I was crossing the road and a large truck pulled up he handled it so well, I am so proud of my boy, thank you FurBabies. 

Barbara & Popcorn


10. Goldie’s story:

At the stable where my horse resided, another horse was enduring severe arthritis. Despite excellent care, she remained confined to her stall due to inflammation. Learning that she was a former three-time World Champion Canter, I felt compelled to assist her. Collaborating with her owner, we decided to administer FurBabies Pets Equine drops. Within two weeks, the transformation was remarkable – from stall-bound to freely trotting towards the pasture. Many thanks to FurBabies for facilitating this incredible change!

Dianne and Goldie

These heartwarming success stories are just a glimpse into the countless ways FurBabies products have enriched the lives of pets and their devoted parents. From joint support to anxiety relief, to cognitive, FurBabies is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that promote the health and happiness of furry family members everywhere. Join the FurBabies community today and experience the difference firsthand!


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