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Welcome to Our FurBabies Blog, Your Plant Based Wellness company for Fur Babies.

Updated: May 13, 2023

FurBabies Plant Based Wellness for Pets

Plant Based Pet Products

If you are a pet parent wanting to find all-natural top quality products to help your furry family member be the best they can be, you’ve come to the right place.

FurBabies Pet Products pride ourselves in being a wholesome Canadian company providing all-natural plant-based healing oral drops, powders, treats, and salves. We may be the new name on the block, but we are anything but. Our team comes from various pet brands in different sectors of the pet industry and together we have a combined 46-year knowledge base that we want to sharing with you.

Plant Based Pet Products

My name is Tami and I lead our production and customer care departments. You may know me from Apawthecary Pets where I was the founder and CEO. After selling my beloved company with the promise of taking us global, the new buyers unfortunately closed the doors. I was heartbroken that I could no longer help all the pets out there but fortunately I was approached by a number of companies. FurBabies stood out to me as they too are all about the animals and not the great mighty dollar, and I agreed to join their team. I am thrilled to be back helping pet parents and animals and feeling complete again.

Being pioneers (geez, does that make me sound old??) in the pet care industry and constantly researching, we are often the first to introduce plant based products to many households, most recently being our Easy Line and 100% fruiting body functional mushrooms.

Plant Based Pet Products - Mushrooms for pets

Our products are full-plant profile, use only human grade ingredients, and are carefully formulated to ensure even the fussiest and most discerning pets will enjoy them. Especially our amazing treats! Our formulations and recipes are both functional and delicious. Just ask some of our tail wagging customers!

At Furbabies, we put animals first and demand the very best in quality. We research and develop to the highest means. Our extraction method surpasses the conventional methods, and we would never add alcohol to a product meant for animals, including sugar cane alcohol. We are confident you’ll feel as strong about our products as we do, after all, we share them with our own furry family members.

I look forward to offering more information as the weeks go on, and hopefully, getting to know many of the fur babies out there.



Editor, Blogger, Animal Lover and CEO

FurBabies Pet Products

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