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Bacon Flavoured or Natural - Pet Oral Drops 30mL

600mg per white glass bottle

  • Natural cannabimimetic and  terpene blend infused oral drops
  • Made with beneficial MCT oil derived from coconut oil
  • Easy to administer with controlled dosing
  • Promotes allergy, skin, and coat health
  • Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain 
  • The bacon flavour option is perfect for meat-loving furry friends



  • Provides relief from pains associated with old age or health ailments

  • Beneficial for skin & coat issues like dandruff

  • Can help lessen seizure activity
  • Can lessen anxiety and improves mood by helping to self -focus
  • Reduces stress and pain while promoting relaxation 
  • Increase focus
  • Can reduce allergies
  • Restores youthful vigor

  • May help with cancer and side effects associated with chemotherapy


    Ingredients: MCT Oil, Terpenes, Proprietary Cannabimimetic Blend, Natural Bacon Flavour containg no meat (if ordering flavour option)

    Extra Large Breed Pet Oral Drops - Natural or Bacon Flavour - 30mL - 600MG

    • "The vet recommended that I try your oral drops about a month ago and the results have been amazing. People have commented that he seems more alert. I have attributed this to less pain. He is begging to go for walks now."


      • Michelle H.


      "I purchased a bottle of the oral drops for [my cat]. I think it took one day, the next day when I came home from work he was at the door and he had finished all of this food. He was meowing again, which is the best sound in the world when you haven't heard it for a while."


      • Jessica B.


      "Not only do your products work better than any others we've tried, your customer service is top notch and your staff is always a pleasure to deal with."


      • Tom, Violet, and Sparky
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