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CORDYCEPS  Functional Mushrooms- Powder form 50g & 100g size bags


CORDYCEPS MUSHROOMS (Cordyceps Militaris)

Vitality - Respiratory, kidneys

All our mushrooms are full fruiting body only with no mycelium or fillers!.


Cordyceps mushrooms are also known as Caterpillar Mushrooms as the fungi grows naturally on catapillars. It is not harvested this way!  Known to process great cancer fighting abilities by allowing the body to regenerate the growth of white blood cells, which can slow many tumour growths.


Cordyceps can also help other diseases such as kidney disease, respiratory issues, coughs, (including kennel cough and bronchitis), anxiety, reduce cholesterol, boost their immune system, helps give your pet energy and strength, purifies the kidneys, and detoxifies the blood by balancing blood sugar levels.

CORDYCEPS POWDER - 100% Fruiting Body



    "I purchased a bottle of the oral drops for [my cat]. I think it took one day, the next day when I came home from work he was at the door and he had finished all of this food. He was meowing again, which is the best sound in the world when you haven't heard it for a while."


    • Jessica B.


    "In addition to our thankfulness for your excellent product, we would also like to thank you for the wonderful quality of service we have received. It has been fast, efficient, and your customer service representatives have been so kind and helpful."


    • Elinor & Rocky
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