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If you are wanting to give your cat or dog the oral drops/treats occasionally, and for situational anxiety, then there is no need to start low and go slow in the same way we recommend for constant anxiety.

For anxiety-inducing events (such as fireworks, car rides, thunderstorms, grooming, etc.) we recommend giving your animal 0.25mg/kg of their weight about 30 minutes before the anxiety-inducing event is set to happen.  If they still seem to be anxious once the event has begun, give them the same amount again.  Some animals really benefit from only getting 0.25mg/kg during storms/fireworks, but others may need up to 0.5mg/kg to help fully relax them.


  We recommend is giving them 0.25mg/kg on a calm day to see how they react.  While the majority of animals are able to take the oil without any side effects, some may experience sleepiness and/or diarrhea.  If your animal is going to be one of the ones who experience any side effects, it is best to test it out before rather than wait and add to any reactions they may feel during the anxiety-inducing event.

 Please note that if your animal has a sensitivity to MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) or has issues with their pancreas, your animal may require different dosing instructions.  While MCT oil is considered a safe/better alternative for animals with pancreatitis, if either of these statements is true for your animal, please contact us directly for more information.


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